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Help people keep safer

We transform the currently safety security concept to a always available, all the time proactive approach. We don’t need the quickest route when traveling, but the safest route!
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About Us
GruupUp is a mobile application and is all about personal safety!
The Gruupup mobile application together with mobile phone GPS location and Mobile Operator location based services allows you to alert, message or call for help to your community groups. Be informed and be safe wherever you are!

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Alert others!
Report the incident
We at Gruupup have created some alert shortcuts insisde the mobile application. using the alert feature, we encourage you and all our community to post pin mapped alerts on incidents or situations that could help keep others safe.
Chat in groups or incidents
Users will be able to chat to each other within the Gruupup mobile application.
Follow me
Ask your friends or family to follow you on your way home
We have become acustomed to letting someone know once we have arrived at our destination and are safe. With the Gruupup application create your route plan and invite your contacts to follow you virutally and in realtime. Automatially notify your contacts if you are delayed or have taken a detour or when you arrived at your destination and are safe.
Create your own safety network of friends, family or community groups
By creating your groups within the Gruupup app, you can easily send , recieve alerts , strucutre the communication between all the contacts. A great way to share information amongst your local community, family or friends.
Call for help
In the case of an emergency
In the event of an emergency, easily and quickly trigger a SOS which will be sent your marked groups and contacts.


How it works
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Ask for a help
With Gruupup you will be able to easily send “ask for help” or alerts to others in your personal network or community groups.


Your network will be able to reachout to you
Other group or community online users will be able to see where the alert came from, communicate with one another inside the messaging of the app and with this, try to help you.
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Real time chat
Users that are online and close by will be able to keep in contact within the GruupUp mobile application.
Your private network.

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Still have questions?
Find answers below or contact us to ask more about GruupUp
Can other users see who and where i am? arrow
Other users will not be able to see who you are or where you are. Users can only see how many others users are online within their selected geographical radius. In the case you trigger an alert or call for help, others group users will then be able to see your location, The name displayed will be that which the system allocates (random letters) or the "name" you chose to insert in the settings of the GruupUp mobile application.
Will my personal information be stored securely? arrow
All information required for the functionality of the Gruupup mobile application is stored on our servers in an encrypted and secure format. The servers are located behind secure firewalls and with 2 stage authentication.
Do i need to pay for this service? arrow
Access to Gruupup is free to use. Gruupup may in the future add additional features that may require a subscription or payment , however this will not affect the current usage of the features of the mobile application.